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28th July 2012


A Clash of Kings

I just finished A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin (in case you couldn’t tell by the amount of quotes that I posted) and it is so good! Ahhh I love this series!

The way that Mr. Martin writes is just beautiful. And I really like the third person style that switches characters, if I was going to write a book I’d make it like that. The vocabulary is also interesting because it’s a mix of modern and period which is slightly strange but it updates the story for today’s audience.

Then there’s the plot which is just so good! I was riveted by nearly every section, and he gives some different characters more action this time around. The characters themselves are so believable and realistic, that I sometimes don’t know which faction to root for. I always like when authors give even the “bad guys” a decent backstory so that you can see things from their perspective and know what’s going on in their heads. It makes it so much easier to relate to and gives the story so much more depth than some other books.

My personal reaction that probably no one cares about:
When they said that Bran and Rickon were dead I was all like nooooo Theon you asshole I actually liked you in the last book! I was just such a mess, and I doubted it for a bit but then I figured it was supposed to be like Ned in the last book, and I moved on from that. But then they came back in the last chapter and I just started flailing like crazy and was all like ahahahahahahah! I knew it! (even though I didn’t) what a plot twist! It was amazing!

I’m so happy that Jon got more action, but the ending for him was sad. Now he has to give up all his honor to spy, and he had to kill one of his brothers in the Watch! I had the feels, and he has to lose it all to gain it all, but how much do they want the poor guy to lose?

Sansa annoyed me less in this book, but I still find her irritating. Please grow some backbone, and stop believing in all the stories already! And try to escape yourself instead of relying on the drunk fool, you are more intelligent than they say you are! Having said that, I think the author will do a good job with continuing her development in the next books, he’s done well so far.

I loved the addition of Brienne and how she joined with Catelyn. They are such powerful characters, and the fact that they are both female in a mans world probably helped with that.

Arya I loved from the beginning, and she just does so many great things that I’m not going to get started. I thought for like a second that since she was going to marry a Frey she would meet her husband at Harrenhall but then I realized that no she’s marrying Gendry. No way around that. I was sad when she lost Needle though, but she had to in order to completely lose her identity and stay hidden. Needle was her last connection to her old life that had to be severed.

Tyrion fills me with conflicting emotions. I like his character enough, but I want the Starks to win (which is what the author wants). He is such a great example of an antagonist. His backstory makes him believable and likable despite his role and family.

Yup this books amazing. Now for the show, I will probably love their adaptation of it.

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27th July 2012

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If there are gods, why is the world so full of pain and injustice?
— Jaime Lannister A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

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27th July 2012

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As well ask what good is life, what good is death?
— Jaqen H’ghar A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

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27th July 2012


Cruel places breed cruel peoples, remember that as you deal with these ironmen.
— Maester Luwin A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

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25th July 2012

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I was taught that good men must fight evil in this world…
— Catelyn Stark A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

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24th July 2012

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Why would the gods send a warning if we can’t heed it and change what’s to come?
— George R.R. Martin A Clash of Kings

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23rd July 2012

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It is not what we do, so much as why we do it.
— George R.R. Martin A Clash of Kings

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22nd July 2012

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Ser Tanton of the red-apple Fossoways climbed on the table and swore to slay Sandor Clegane in single combat. The vow might have been taken more seriously if Ser Tanton had not had one foot in a gravy boat when he made it.
— George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings
How to be Taken Seriously 101: Take Your Foot out of the Gravy

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